Office IP-PBX features overview

based on FreePBX

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Main advantages

1. No restrictions on the number of users

2. Statistics and recording of calls

3. Reduction of communication costs: free calls within the organization and favorable tariffs for calls to partners

4. All the necessary features: voice greeting, answering machine, informing about missed calls, etc. (60+ features)

5. Connection for 2 hours

* In case when you provide data for setting the phone number in SIP format

Odoo изображение и текстовый блок

Connection diagram

To connect to an office PBX, you need:

1. The router to which the Internet is connected.

2. System administrator or technically competent specialist with basic knowledge of setting up a local network to communicate with him on incidents

3. Computers (tablets or smartphones) for your employees

All the other components necessary for the stable operation of telephony, we provide and support.

FreePBX works in millions of companies in more than 220 countries.
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